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More than 30 years of having a solid reputation in logistics services thanks to hundreds of deliveries. Done where and when they are required

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Benefits for our clients

Since 1978 we have represented in Mexico the world leading shipping companies, to increase your reach in the market.

We receive bulk carries in Mexican ports with high class personnel, systems and security.

We transform the terrestrial service in Mexico and the U.S.A. with specialized offers.

We coordinate services for commercial and private exhibitions, congresses and conventions

We put the fabrics of the world at your door through air cargo, shipping, terrestrial and intermodal.

Thanks to our systems, personnel and our attitude about service, we are able to operate more than 50,000 containers annually in an area of 78 acres.

We respond to specific needs that require complex services in a single window.


We are focused on quality and service.

We like to offer the best transportation and freight services to our client. To reach that, we have to permanently evaluate our systems, infrastructure, training and capacity. 
Our results prove that our work respects strict international standards.

World Network

Trafimar's team work with world-class freight forwarding companies allows us to deliver and receive your shipments under the same level of control and a comprehensive service.